Way back in 2005 this beautiful mural was painted on the side of this wall. It was near the corner of Jefferson and Mt Elliott in Detroit, Michigan. I do not know who painted it but the land and wall was owned by a man named Larry Meeks. He owned this area and it was used for many things including a car wash, soda shop, art shop and some soul food.

I was sad to hear the news that Larry Meeks passed away in maybe 2010 I cant quite remember what date I had heard. I did not know him very well but he had a lot of passion for Detroit and was hoping Detroit would recover. He always took the time to talk with me and always was happy to let me take pictures. I am not sure how many times I visited but I often did.

Enjoy Detroit Mural

Enjoy Detroit Mural on Jefferson and Mt Elliott.

As for the mural, this has always been one of my most favorite murals I have ever photographed. When I normally show people my work from Detoit I most likely like to start of finish with this picture. I feel I have luckily enjoyed Detroit most of my life…thats not to say it is perfect or without flaws. I think photography has allowed me to view the flaws in life and look back at my own personal flaws and gain some acceptance with them. I can’t fix my flaws as fast as Photoshop can but like anything I am worth the time and patience needed for it.

I think he would be happy to see pieces of Detroit getting stronger and better. I have zero doubts he would want to see more attention going to the neighborhoods and helping more people. This is how I knew Larry, as a good man who was trying to give back to the community any way he could.