I was nine years old when the Detroit Tigers won the World Series and trounced the San Diego Padres in five games! As a fan of Detroit sports the 80’s-90’s were a pretty good time between the Pistons and Tigers. 

This old stadium had been host to the Detroit Tigers since 1912 and to think Ty Cobb ran those bases thrilled me when I was just single digits old. My first memories of going to “The Corner” were usually on my birthdays with my Dad and Grandpa. I always wanted a Trolley Ride thru the city. We would normally stop off at Lafayette Coney Island for some dinner and always a soda and peanuts for me during the game. When I was a little bit older my Dad and I would stop off at a bar names Hoots Robinsons now called the UFO Factory. My Dad was friends with the bar tender and I think his name was Sal. He always made sure that we had easy in and out parking (front spot) and a beer for my Dad. 

I was a die hard Kirk Gibson fan and they day he left Detroit was the first time I understood sports is a tough business. As a young adult of legal age I found my path in the Bleachers! I was a Bleacher Creature! I heckled and drank beer like the best of them and with a ticket price of $4-6 bucks I could afford to go to a lot of games. My friends and I did not want any other seat options and we made every opening day and we caused a lot of noise and fun (chaos). 

baseball stadium

Tiger Stadium or The Corner! One of the last days in Detroit, Michigan

I met a girl one Friday night game and dated her for a couple of years. I had one of my first legal beers at the corner. My friends and I created a lot of videos of us cheering and chanting and of course the doing the wave! I can remember we heckled Torri Hunter from the Minnesota Twins so badly at the end of the game (which he played amazing and for sure he jacked a homer or two) he flipped us off and we loved him for it. I miss chanting “takes great and less filling” and the rest of the chats usually had a F-word attached with them. 

I understood why the Tigers organization wanted a new home with Comerica Park so it could be closer to the rest of the Illitch empire. I for one just wished they could have found a way to continue using “The Corner” for Baseball. The history and legends of the game who played here is an amazing list. I am glad I spent the time I did in here and will forever cherish those family memories.

On one of the last days of the stadium at sunrise I stood in the back of a pick up truck to get over the fence and took this shot. This picture of old Tiger Stadium is a panoramic picture and maybe most people wont care about it but for me…its a journey to a time and a place that will never exist again.