Shooting sunrise pictures of Detroit, Michigan might be my most favorite subject to photograph. You can feel and hear the world come alive around you and then the sunlight rises. I think it’s beautiful when the shadows change and the light color shifts and the noise of everything begins. 

I shot this before Detroit had really turned around. Dan Gilbert had just begun his quest to turn the city around. This is at the height of the recession and right before the bankruptcy was filed. The downtown of the city has been pretty amazing since this time. We now have tons of restaurants, bars and pubs to eat and drink. The nightlife is amazing and the job market is booming. I for one hope the sweeping change can move into the neighborhoods and progress forwards.  

Skillman branch at sunrise in Detroit, Michigan.

Many mornings I would get to this location and wait for the sun to burst on the scene. A quick note this is from the parking garage which is always a great spot to shoot Cityscapes. I use an app on my iphone called The Photographer’s Ephemeris and it does show you where the sun will rise but does not show you how much sun you will get. I am in the parking garage well before the sun rises and as I am waiting and waiting for the light I observe how few people walk around. The Detroit People mover is going around and around with zero passengers. The sun rises and I don’t see one person walking into my scene which I was hoping for. I knew I was in the right spot to make a great shot and the light came rolling in like thunder and my shutter was clicking.