Thank you for visiting Pictures of Detroit! This is the blog of Detroit Photographer Keith Emmerich, it will focus on pictures, tips, tricks, gear used, workshops and anything else we didn’t think of. 

I have never been a fan of 3rd person typing and thats about all I have left for it. I feel more comfortable using first person for almost everything I do. I am a small company and while I do have some assistants it is mostly just me. I answer the emails, the phone calls and I am accountable for every interaction and situation with my business. That’s they joy of working with a company like mine.

I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and read what I am writing. This blog and my wesbite are my quest to make the most use of my time to create the images I love. This is what I decide to do with the time that is given to me. Nothing else has ever grabbed hold of me or throttled to take away this drive to take pictures. I have often switched stlyes and ways of shooting but I like to consder that growth. I like to think of my photography as a bowl of soup…you add ingredients and let it simmer for hours. I hope to keep provided exciting fresh (beautiful) content to these pages. Please visit my social media pages and give me a follow, share or a like…and even a few ❤️❤️

I started my quest for photography shooting pictures of Detroit and it is still something I am super curious about. I have zero doubts this is why I get up at sunrise and chase sunsets. I think great photographs for landscape and architecture is a very simple recipe, get up early and stay out late. The rest all comes down to weather, luck and your skill level.  Here is my portfolio of pictures of Detroit and if you are interested in hanging artwork in your home or business please contact me.

Once I was comfortable with landscapes and architecture I wanted to shoot some portraits. My path probably wasn’t normal to most. I didn’t start with family or friends but homeless people. I spent hours roaming around the city and it felt like the right subject for me to focus on that I did. I was beyond curious about why homeless people lived on the streets and the decisions they made. I did not use some super telephoto lens to shoot these pictures. I decided to get closer and use standard lenses and flash. I wanted to create a portrait as well as “interview” each person I photographed. This was not a voyeur but I wanted to talk and learn. I did end up spending a week under a bridge with Alan. This time had a profound impact on my life. 

I started shooting with film! I am not old but I was born in the mid 70’s and like this quote from Doc Holliday “I’m in my prime”. I was slow to transition to digital as I waited until 2004. I packed up my Pentax K1000’s and switched to Canon. In 2014 I jumped to Sony but I always laugh when I think that my Pentax was complete manual with no battery at all needed. I went from that to a Canon 1ds Mark 2!! Talk about a major upgrade!! Its doesn’t really matter what kind of camera you have. I would advocate buying the camera gear that feels best in your hands. 

This brings me to my Cars in the Wild series. I have for years been shooting old cars that I find in yards, junk yards and in random fields. This whole series really jumped when I added the Sony and felt the need to shoot some megapixels. I really fell in love with the Sony a7r and a7r2. I do wish the screen articulated similar to the Canon 80d series and maybe touch screen. It could use more weather protection  I loved using the “live view” screen to roughly compose and then use the viewfinder to make it perfect. I am not really a huge car guy but I love the design and the sweeping lines of older cars. Most of the pictures are really the last usable piece of the car. Normally just out of the frame is excessive rust and holes. It’s like I am squeezing an Orange and getting the last few drops out of it.