I find myself soaking in a sunrise on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan and I am watching a lunar eclipse drop down on the city.

It is early in the morning around 5am and I wake up with no alarm. I lay there for a few and then decide to get up and find a great spot for sunrise. I grab my gear and fill up the coffee mug and head out into the crisp, cool windy morning. The best part about moving early is I can take my time but as I start moving I notice the moon and it is in the middle of an eclipse. The adrenaline starts flowing and I start moving faster (of course I never speed) and throw out all options and head right to Belle Isle.

Lunar eclipse city of Detroit

I was not positive if Belle Isle would be a great location to photograph the moon but once I crossed Douglas MacArthur Bridge I could see the moon and knew I had made a great decision. I parked and was at a running pace to grab my gear and make it to the edge of the Detroit River and get set up. It was dark and the sun was in twilight and I took a few pictures and then the sun really started to rise and this pink band of color lifted and created this amazing glow across the city. I continued shooting until the sun was up and the color shifted but I knew I had something special on this memory card.

I added the pictures to my external hard drive and they sat there until the following week when I did my monthly backup. I was using a Drobo hard drive system which backed up to another Drobo hard drive system. This is the only time these hard drives are in the same location as I keep one in the studio and one at home. I connected everything and went to bed and around 3:45am I woke up to the smell of smoke and by the time I made it to my system every photo I had ever taken was in serious trouble. I don’t really know what caused the problem but calling Drobo support was a complete waste of time and they were zero help.

I did some searching and found this amazing company in Michigan called Canyonero Consulting where I met Cheryl Van Drie who said she was pretty sure she could help me with my situation. I sent the drives in the mail and it took a little bit of time but she was able to restore a lot of my data. I am beyond grateful for her help and technical expertise.

Now a couple of years later I have been digging thru my data and organizing my pictures in Adobe Lightroom and I finally found the pictures from that morning. It has been a long rough couple of years for me since that morning but I am lucky that from Belle Isle I saw a lunar eclipse over Detroit, Michigan.