Some Detroit sunrises are filled with warmth and color. Inside the Ford Michigan Central Station on this morning was filled with fog, rain, and darkness. My friend Ken and I walked-crawled our way into the station while it was still dark. We were shooting on the first few floors and the sun started to rise. It was nearly 7:20 and when I looked out the window I saw streaking light and these amazing clouds rolling in from Canada.

I remember yelling at Ken that the light was amazing and I was running up to the roof. This was back in 2005 when I was in excellent shape and used to run a lot. I secured my backpack which was always over loaded with gear. I would bet it was holding twenty pounds. I hit the stairs running and sprinted to the top. At 7:37am I took this picture. I remember being excited watching this morning unfold. I positioned my tripod, composed and fired off three frames. I wish nothing more I would have taken more photos. I wish I would have shot more angles and given myself more options. I had only been shooting digital for about a year and still film brain. You just didn’t shoot as much during the film days. With digital you crank out the shots. That is one reason I love digital.

I walked around the top few floors and kept shooting other photos and options. This photo though was the winner of my day. I at times think photography is like golf. One great shot keeps you coming back for more. While I wished I would have shot more options I am really happy with this photo. Many have called it Gotham and it looks fantastic on a wall in an office. I do sell prints and if you are interested please reach out to me.

An update, in June of 2018 The Ford Motor Company purchased the Train Station and will rehab the building back to it’s glory. Before the rehab begun Ford ran a few open house weekends and I was super proud that Ford had purchased some of my work for display and broadcast on TV.